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  • Corporate culture
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    Business management of HONGTAI


    Hongtai’s Culture
    Always Have The Spirit of Innovation. Never Betray The Future for Short-Term Interests. 


    Management Principle
    Sincerity and Reliability are Foundation
    Quality is The Soul.
    Deploitation and Innovation.
    Customers Satisfaction.
    Creating The Beautiful Future Together/ Realizing Future Together


    Management Resume
    Educating Employee with Moral
    Convincing Employee with Regulation
    Moving Employee with Emotion
    Keeping Employee Stay with Environment
    Regulations First
    Power Second


    Effort Object
    Prosperity of the Enterprise
    Belief of the Shareholders
    Happiness of the Employees
    Welcome of the Government
    Hundreds of Years of HONGTAI

    電話:0532-87316888 傳真:0532-87311157
    郵箱:info@www.mlmharkhabar.com, foreigntrade@www.mlmharkhabar.com
    地址: 青島市平度同和工業園同和路97號 郵編:266706 魯ICP備08105748號