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    Qingdao Hongtai Copper Co.,Ltd was established in 1993.It mainly specializes in producing various copper tubes and annual production has got to 75000 metric tons.
    Hongtai Copper tube has sold throughout the country and exported to many countries and regions for air-conditioning,refrigeration,heating,plumbing,gas and petroleum application.We are the largest copper tube manufacturer in Shandong province and the forth largest copper tube manufacturer in China. We have now three different production technology----continuous casting and rolling technology, extrusion technology, up-drawn technology meeting various customer requirements in different fields.
    Qingdao hongtai copper Co.,Ltd will continue to adhere to the Hongtai Taorism, and constantly blaze new trails, to provide competitiveness of copper tube products and excellent service!
    電話:0532-87316888 傳真:0532-87311157
    郵箱:info@www.mlmharkhabar.com, foreigntrade@www.mlmharkhabar.com
    地址: 青島市平度同和工業園同和路97號 郵編:266706 魯ICP備08105748號